Is a Paralegal Required For a Landlord Tenant Board Case?

Receiving Professional Representation Within Landlord Tenant Board Matters Provides a Strong Advantage and Can Be of Great Importance Whereas the Legal Issues involved Can Become Complicated.

Get the Experience of Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. Protecting Your Rights At the Landlord Tenant Board.

At Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co., the primary focus is evicting tenants and defending landlords against applications to the Landlord Tenant Board as brought for a broad variety of legal issues raised by tenants.  Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. represents landlords at the Landlord and Tenant Board, and Small Claims Court.  Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. also provides comprehensive property management services, primarily tenant sourcing and leasing.  Doing your due diligence and selecting the right tenant is the most important part of being a Landlord.  Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. has a proven track record of selecting model tenants that take care of your property as if it were their own and without any rent payment issues whatsoever.  Remember, once you hand the key to a tenant, the tenant has the "key to the castle".

Eviction Enforcement Services

As above, a primary focus of Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. involves assistance in enforcing an Order to Evict as issued by the Landlord Tenant Board.  To learn more about this primary focus, see:

Eviction Enforcement Services
Professional Paralegals Help Landlords Avoid Difficult Situations

Attempting to tackle a Landlord Tenant Board application on your own can end up negatively impacting the outcome of your situation and one small error could result in your tenant living rent free for longer!  However, when Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. handles your file, you can feel confident and rest assured that your concerns are with paralegals who have the experience to ensure that the applicable notice(s) and application(s) are done right the first time.

Landlords should remain aware of the various remedies and protections that the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, S.O. 2006, Chapter 17 provides to tenants; and especially the unscrupulous tenants who know how to manipulate the system and whom are known as professional tenants.  The paralegals at Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. know how to combat the troublesome situations right from the outset.  Avoid finding yourself in a troublesome situation where you have a professional tenant on your hands and are unaware of the proper procedures at the Landlord Tenant Board.  An example of the type of conduct that a professional tenant will engage in can be found in this article:

Toronto Star article

To schedule an appointment to learn more about how Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. may help you to avoid professional tenant situations, among other problem issues, contact our office today.

Other Issues

Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. also offers pro-active services for landlords seeking Above Guideline Rent Increases, among other issues

With the current economic climate and rising operating costs it is important that landlords are aware of available right to raise rent rates above the annual rent increase guideline when operating expenses increase significantly or when capital work must be performed upon the rental units.


Fees for service from Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. are structured according to the complexity of each case and are offered as flat fees so to provide a known and predicable to and thereby to serve you better whereas Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. believes that landlords should have access to legal advice and services at an affordable price.

Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. provides landlord services as a Paralegal in:

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