What Else Does Reder Aylwin Gillis Do?

Beyond Litigation Advocacy Services, Reder Aylwin Gillis Also Offers Judgment Enforcement, Investigations, Process Serving, Affidavit Commissioning, Among Other Services!

Enforcement & Litigation Investigations
Judgment Collections

Reder Aylwin Gillis can assist when you were successful in obtaining a Small Claims Court judgment or Order from the Landlord Tenant Board and now need to actually collect your money. 

Once you have completed the litigation process and have a judgment in hand, the hard work then begins - the hard work of enforcing your judgment and actually getting paid the money you are owed.  Reder Aylwin Gillis works with a private investigator who assists in locating assets (such as bank accounts, employers with wages to garnish, etc.) to help you recover your money.  Reder Aylwin Gillis has extensive experience in locating assets and being able to collect debts by way of garnishment of wages and bank accounts as well as by use of writs of seizure and sale of property and land.


Reder Aylwin Gillis has a strong working relationship with a local private investigation firm that can provide in-depth skip tracing and investigation services.  Depending on whether you are looking for a home address, an employer, or a bank account for a business or individual, Reder Aylwin Gillis can assist you with efforts to obtain information in a cost effective manner.

Preparation and Commissioning of Affidavits

We can prepare and commission affidavits for a reasonable fee of $25.00 for up to 3 pages including photocopies of your original documents and $5.00 for each additional page / document.

Process Serving

We offer affordable flat rates with no hidden fees or extra charges for mileage.  We get your document served the right way for a competitive flat rate.  We provide process serving in the Durham Region and surrounding areas such as Kawartha Lakes and in Toronto.

Reder Aylwin Gillis is an affordable Paralegal in:

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