Who Is a Paralegal That Can Help With a Small Claims Court Case At the Oshawa Courthouse?

Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. Provides Paralegal Services For Cases At the Oshawa Small Claims Court.

Professional Legal Help For People With Small Claims Court Cases At the Durham Region Courthouse In Oshawa

Oshawa courthouse at 150 Bond Street East, Oshawa, Ontario The courthouse as the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) for Durham Region is located at 150 Bond Street East in Oshawa, Ontario.  The Small Claims Court is actually a division within the Superior Court of Justice rather than a separate court as the name may suggest.  Interestingly, the Small Claims Court handles almost fifty (50%) percent of all civil litigation cases within Ontario.

The Small Claims Court holds the jurisdiction to adjudicate civil litigation cases for Plaintiffs bringing claims of up to thirty-five thousand ($35,000) dollars each and provides an efficient and effective process for delivering justice to those who bring claims or defend claims.

Example Small Claims Court Cases Include:
Repayment of Monies Owed

Including unpaid loans, outstanding invoices, credit card balances, etc.

Accidental Damage to Property

Includes causes such as water escape, falling trees, vehicle impact, etc.

Vehicle Warranty Coverage

Includes sale of vehicles unfit for purpose, poor work by mechanics, etc.

Faulty Work By Contractors

Includes roofers, landscapers, electricians, among other renovation services.

Breached Real Estate Sale

Includes failure to finalize deal on closing date, removal of fixtures, etc.

Personal Rights Issues

Including nuisance, trespass, breach of privacy, defamation, among other things.

The Rules of the Small Claims Court provide a summarized procedure that streamlines cases in a manner intended to reduce legal costs and intended to reduce the time for a case to run the judicial process unlike the costs and times required for cases proceeding within the higher levels of the Superior Court civil litigation system.

Most cases within the Small Claims Court will be heard by a Deputy Judge who is a senior lawyer appointed by the Regional Senior Judge.  Additionally, any judge of the Superior Court of Justice may also preside as a judge within the Small Claims Court.

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