How Can a Landlord Enforce An Eviction Order From the Landlord Tenant Board?

A Tenant May Disobey An Order to Evict As Issued By the Landlord Tenant Board. The Paralegals At Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. Can Arrange For Enforcement By the Sheriff While Also Attending the Eviction to Help Protect the Landlord From a Hostile and Further Problematic Tenant.

Understanding How to Enforce An Order to Evict From the Landlord Tenant Board With a Minimal Risk of False Allegations Being Raised By the Tenant, Among Other Concerns

Tenant packed up but trying to avoid eviction. When a tenant goes through the full process of a Landlord Tenant Board hearing and an Order to Evict is issued and the tenant remains despite the issued Order, a landlord can reasonably presume that the tenant will likely be hostile to the landlord and possibly falsify allegations such as accusations that the landlord uttered threats, the landlord damaged or confiscated belongings of the tenant as well as causing other concerns.  Accordingly, when evicting a tenant, for these concerns, among others, a landlord is wise to avoid being present when eviction occurs and instead to obtain the professional assistance of Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co..

Present During Eviction

Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. is available to attend an eviction on behalf of the landlord and be present as the local Sheriff enforces the Order to Evict from the Landlord Tenant Board.  A representative of Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. can be present to take pictures, to take contemporaneous notes, and to report any obvious concerns back to the landlord.

Sheriff Eviction Process

For the convenience of our clients, Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. is located just one block east of the Oshawa courthouse.  Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. can efficiently file your Order to Evict from the Landlord Tenant Board and even attend at the property to carry out the eviction when the Sheriff attends to give vacant possession; accordingly, you avoid dealing with an uncomfortable and stressful situation as well as avoiding the potential for hostilities that may lead to false allegations and further legal struggles.


Effective and affordable assistance with the enforcement of an Order to Evict as issued by the Landlord Tenant Board is available from Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. for:

  • The court fee of $330 for filing a Landlord Tenant Board eviction order with the Office of the Sheriff plus the mileage fee imposed by the Office of the Sheriff;
  • The service fee of $100.00 for Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. to prepare, organize, and file with the court, all the required paperwork as well as to schedule the eviction by the local Sheriff;
  • The fee of $50.00 per hour plus a $15.00 travel fee for Anderson Aylwin Begg & Co. to attend a scheduled eviction and to help facilitate the tenant move-out process as well as for scheduling attendance by a locksmith and whereas the typical time to carry out an eviction is one-hour unless unanticipated complications arise.

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